bwin亚洲会员登录:Quzhou celebrates cultural festival of She ethnic group

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On April 7, the 10th cultural festival of the She ethnic group opened in Jucun township, Quzhou city, Zhejiang province.

The traditional She festival takes place on the third day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar. On this day, She people sing and dance, offer sacrifices to ancestors, worship the god of grain, and cook food to treat guests, in order to express their longing and love for a happy life.

Since last year, Jucun’s local government stepped up efforts to explore the She culture. The township now aims to develop its industries and tourism by embracing more market players.

Xikeng village, one of the three villages of ethnic groups in the township, became a 3A-level scenic village last year. This year, it plans to further explore the cultural festival and showcase the She culture.

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